Thanks to its infrastructures and its global interconnection, the Global Secure Cloud group is able to deliver services all around the world. The company has its own sovereign Data Center of type Tiers III+, ISO 27001 and HDH (Healthcare Data Host) certified, to ensure the security of the most sensible data. The datacenter is located in France, at Châteaubourg (near Rennes in Brittany). 

The Datacenter benefits from:
      2 interconnections on
      2 IP Transit Backbones
      A broadband connectivity of 2x40Gb/s
      A multi-operator networks National and international peering

Support businesses and collectivities

We create and support the implementation of solutions of any sectors: bank, logistic, health, public sector, industry … 

Cloud services operator:
      Infrastructures operator
      Host of health data
      Phone solutions provider with Centrex 
      Handler of cloud platform

We manage, host and optimize the communication’s solutions of our clients’ infrastructures, applications, security, connectivity, mobility … 

We integrate our network and videos solutions, as well as our phone equipment thanks to our partnerships with market leaders such as VMWare, Dell and Fortinet.

History of the group


A national presence


5 Agencies

Châteaubourg, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Paris


8 Data Centers

Caen,Paris, Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse and 3 in Bretagne


Network of partner agencies

In all of France


The Global Secure Cloud group is made up of 3 entities :
1. Bretagne Télécom
2. Prophone in Toulouse
3. IoT Cloud 

With a growth-rate of more than 25% per year, Global Secure Cloud group has a turnover of 22 million euros in 2019. It has 75 employees all across France, in 5 different offices: Rennes, Nantes, Bordeaux, Paris and Toulouse.

Our certified infrastructures

Sovereign owner of its own datacenter Tier III+

 Data Center ISO 27001 certified since 2005

HDH Certified
(Healthcare Data Host)

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